Photo by DragoniGianluca/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by DragoniGianluca/iStock / Getty Images

What is a doula?

Definition : a woman experienced in childbirth who provides  information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth.

What does that mean for your birth?

Some examples of how a doula can help during labor include position suggestions and comfort measures.   Comfort measures we may use can include counter pressure, massage, affirmations, and breath work.  Music and/or essential oils that you have brought from home can also be facilitated by the doula.  We spend time guiding your partner through supporting you in these positions and through contractions. There are many combinations and other techniques that can be utilized through labor.   At prenatal appointments we go over your concerns and hopes for your birth & will review positions and practice them.  Community resources are also given for other questions or needs you may have. 

A birth doula will provide emotional support, physical comforting measures, and non judgmental continuous encouragement throughout your labor. We listen for your wants and needs and help you articulate them. We meet you where you are in your birthing process and believe in your full potential. We also realize that birth is not scripted. If the journey to birth is not how you imagined it to be or things are not going as planned, we will work with you and your partner through those changes. Each woman comes into birth with her own unique hopes and desires. A doula adapts to each clients needs. 

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What a doula does not do.

  • Anything medical. That means no medical suggestions, decisions or procedures. We are not medically trained.
  • Make decisions for you or your partner.
  • Have an agenda. Its about your journey, and a doula is there to support you through it. 
  • Take the place of a partner.  If you have a partner at the birth, a doula facilitates your partner's support of you. We also make sure the partner's needs are met so they can be at their best for those support and comfort measures.